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A Look-Back On Our Story

2020's been a tough & adventurous ride for us here at Coco Handcrafted. Here's the story behind all of it!

From sleepless nights to boosting sales, and from website launching to being featured on a magazine, it's no doubt that the past year has been a whirlwind of hard work, accomplishment, service, dedication and success! Tiara started Coco Handcrafted from nothing more than a scratch, and from where it is now, things seems to be going real great! One of Coco's highlights focuses on Inhale Miami's Pop Up Store Event last December 2020 where she got the chance to interact with amazing customers and wonderful people who also run their own small business and have them try out my products! From there, it's been a real turning point on the success of her small business.

It was also a commendable achievement for her to launch Coco Handcrafted's website for the very first time to the public! The business received a tremendous amount of support and love from families and friends alike. The website launch garnered a success of a site-wide sold out production. Perhaps the most formative success of Coco Handcrafted and for Tiara- a self-made entrepreneur comes from February 4 of 2021. She was featured in Voyage MIA Magazines article for a small business online and and up-close. All of this would not been possible if it weren't for the support and love you have given us throughout our journey.

Despite the Pandemic's continuous effect, we are still selling products online and now accepting WHOLESALES! No words could described how grateful Tiara to everyone who were willing to test her products and share them with their own community. Her heart goes out to all of you!

Thank you so much from Coco Handcrafted Team!

Stay positive and safe! #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #womanowned

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