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Love, Zakary ( A tribute for a beautiful soul )

Candles represent a tranquil and pure aura to their glow, that much is certain.

As much as I make scented candles for aromatherapy and relaxation, I also create them for a personal aspect and purpose from my experiences. A part of this purpose goes to Zakary, a loved one, and an amazing human being who, sadly, lost his life in December of 2020.

Love, Zakary is a tribute to him and the amazing life he has led on with me as a part of it.

Zakary’s light in life has always burned bright with dreams and passion, and I am grateful to have witnessed that.

This peony-scented candle provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere for your room or for relaxation and meditation at your own pace.

For every sale of Love, Zakary, a portion goes out to our advocates and heroes at The Suicide Life Line Org.

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