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Coco Handcrafted's products are now available for in-store purchases!

Our organic, vegan and eco-friendly line for bath bombs and sugar scrubs can be found at Wild Tribe Pop-Up over at 124 Quincy Circle at Seaside Florida. You can visit them from 10am-7pm.

Our products are primarily guaranteed to give your skin the benefits of nourishment and rejuvenation through all-natural ingredients while also contributing through the promotion of local small businesses!

We’re also featuring our essential oils which have been reviewed and curated by buyers and have been using them to help and aid skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis. Oh, and did we forget aromatherapy and relaxation?

Aside from our products, Wild Tribe Pop-Up Store also sells handcrafted furniture, decorum, and other amazing products that are made by local artists and businesses around Florida.

Shop our products now and get yourself a relaxing treat from us at Coco Handcrafted. Stay safe!

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