A story of freshness

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Meet tiara

Tiara is a 33 year old entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida. Coming from her country roots in the Philippines, she left for the states in 2014  and started her career overseas as Fashion Designer. Prior to the creation of her local small business, she shared and still has a passion towards fashion and clothing. 

A determined and young entrepreneur, Tiara aspired to create a craft for her own which she both loved and enjoyed pursuing  which is what became of her legacy and journey with Coco Handcrafted, her self-made brand and business. 

As a career-driven woman today, she stands at the top of her game, primarily in her business's production of locally-sourced and organic products for skin care, aromatherapy , and self-healing.  Tiara is proud to call Coco Handcrafted an asian owned brand that support local and small business.